Issues with Global Warming
 Inform the disbelievers that according the recent research the average global temperature has increased in the past 50 years. Also, the planet has had the 10 warmest years ever recorded, since 1990.

 Inform them as warmth destabilizes the atmosphere, the severity of hurricanes has increased.

 Inform the disbelievers of the greenhouse gases emissions has increased in the atmosphere, such as methane, carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide.

 Reveal that recent discoveries of corpses buried thousands of years ago suggest that glaciers are melting. There are samples from ice cores that suggest decreased salinity in ocean water due to increased melting of freshwater ice.

 Inform them that changes in the ecosystem such as the declining population of polar bears, movement of plankton to the north and fewer whale births is also the result of global warming.

 The haze that is seen on the horizon on warm sunny day is really pollution, which traps heat and increases the average global temperature.

One way you can help save the planet is perusing the disbelievers that global warming exists. There are still disbelievers who claim that global warming is just normal cycles in temperature even though there have been several scientific studies that show evidence of global warming. Many of these disbelievers are powerful politicians and voters who have an impact on our policy.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

·         Which techniques should you use to present your ideas and to persuade your audience effectively?
·         Which approaches should you use to communicate your ideas effectively?

persuading your audience

Persuading an audience effectively can be challenging, particularly when referring to a topic such as global warming. Unfortunately, there are no sure ways to persuade people but there are several strategies to follow when talking to an audience.
First, be informed! Get your knowledge from reputable sources and not from gossip headlines. This will ensure that the people you speak to know you are not swayed by over inflated journalism. Sources such as and National Geographic have reputable articles about global warming. Have statistics ready to share about the effects of global warming on the environment.
Next, illustrating the effects of global warming around the world with examples can be very effective. According to the "National Geographic the Effects of Global Warming" (2012) website, global warming has an effect on sea levels, hurricane strength, precipitation, and has a negative impact on several animal and plant species. Direct individuals to sources that can help them better understand global warming. Showing powerful pictures of the effects of global warming can also be a great way to exemplify the effect of global warming around the world.
Preparing for disbelief and potential mockery is another technique to talk about global warming. Thinking quickly under pressure can be beneficial because some people truly do not care or have any concerns about global warming. Avoiding emotional responses is important to be a persuasive speaker or writer. Being prepared for skeptics will help to avoid emotional responses. Being prepared and informed about global warming is the best way to ensure you have more possibilities of making an impact on your audience.


The approach we should use to communicate our ideas effectively is presenting your ideas to advantage. The way people are approached in one-on-one situations often influences their reactions, sometimes strongly. These guidelines will ensure that our presentation invites acceptance rather than rejection of other people ideas. The way to communicate is to respect your audience, begin with familiar, and select the most appropriate tone. Emphasize the evidence for our view also answers all significant objections.